CNC Router

The CNC router is a precision cutting machine. It accurately cuts materials to various sizes and shapes with flawless lines.

With computer accuracy and multiple tool heads it can form materials into clean precise panels.

Cidan Folding Machine

The Cidan folding machine can form sheet metal gently and effectively.

Many different kind of operations can be done with the same tool setup.
Big parts, small parts – no problem.

Press Brake Machine

The Cincinnati press brake machine provides us with the best stainless steel angles with every hydraulic press.

This machine has the ability to air bend 20 gauge mild steel into a vee die opening reaching an 90 degree angle frame.

Amada Punch Press

Amada 33 Ton Thick Turret punch press machine can process sheets up to 10′ x 5′ without re-positioning while motion controls speed, stroke length, and hold time.

Without dramatic hydraulics and oil cooling chillers its able to reduce punching noise.

V-Groove Machine

This is a precision cutting machine that cuts a V-groove for a tighter radius bend and crisp clean edge.

This allows us to provide designs that very few can match.

Precision Fiber Laser Technology

The Amada laser machine ensures a drive system with an upgraded processor build into their AMNC 3i control panel.

Most high powered Amada Fiber Laser allows us to cut various thickness of metals into precision pieces with clean edges and perfect lines. The details and designs are only limited by our imagination.